I am giving all profits from my new book, Traveler888, to the ALS Association of Arizona.

IMG_20180613_0001.jpgWhen I was diagnosed with this disease three years ago, I started writing a WordPress blog about my travels. Over the years, before my diagnosis, I managed to travel to more than 100 countries and have lived in several of them. I was living in Thailand, in fact, at the time I was diagnosed with ALS. As the disease progressed, I was unable to use my hands. I had to finish the book using speech recognition on my computer. Now that my voice is going, I am learning to use a computer with eye gaze capability.

Containing 250 original color photos, Traveler888 is collection of some of the more interesting experiences and observations from those years of travel. If you would like to order the book, go to amazon.com and search for Traveler888. It should come right up. As I mentioned, all profits go to the ALS Association of Arizona.